IBM Ultraport Camera Linux Driver

Newest: a patch is available against the 2.4.20 kernel series. This patch has been submitted and hopefully will stay in the stock kernel... To patch, download this file as text and save it in your kernel tree in the /drivers directory. Run patch -p0 < ultracam.20030608.krnl2420.patch - it should hopefully succeed with no errors. Now cd .. && make mrproper. Go through the configuration process with make menuconfig and be sure to select the Ultracam driver in the USB section. make modules should build the requisite modules.

Quick instructions:

Note: The usbvideo package is no longer recommended, as the stock kernel interface has changed. It is recommended that you follow the patching procedure outlined above until the patch is accepted into the main kernel. For general usage, modprobe ultracam should suffice, loading usbvideo in the process.

Module parameters:

Current known Bugs and Limitations